Serela Hotel Kuta Bali is located strategically in one of the most strategic Bali location, Kuta Bali area, making Serela Hotel Kuta Bali an easy Bali Hotel to access while also giving guests a convenient and excellent access to a wide array of various Bali attractions throughout the island.

Serela Hotel Kuta Bali strategic Bali location right at the heart of Kuta Bali and located in close proximity with many Bali attractions, such as the internationally renowned Kuta Beach and many more. Serela Hotel Kuta Bali is also located close with many major roads as well, allowing you easy and convenient access to anywhere within the island! Simply put, our Bali location makes us Serela Hotel Kuta Bali a great Bali Hotel to pick to make your Bali travel even more fun!

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Kuta is the most famous tourist places in Bali. It is famous with the spectacular white sandy beach, hilarious nightlife. It is one stop place for holiday in Bali by offering the plenty of selection we need and make it the right place to visit on your vacation in Bali. Only 15 minutes from Serela to kuta beach my taxi or motorcyle.


Beachwalk is an exclusive, contemporary, retail and lifestyle hub overlooking the Indian Ocean at the very heart and soul of Kuta, Bali’s pioneer and most popular tourist destination. With a choice of 200 sophisticated retail stores and eateries, never before has Bali seen such an innovative and natureinspired pleasure space that unites so many local and international brands.


Taman Budaya or Bali Art Center is the culture building complex with the best style of Balinese traditional architecture with amphitheater, amusement traditional dance, exhibition, and other cultural activities such as music and shows. This is one of the best places in Bali to experience the exotic richness of Balinese culture. Reach it from our Hotel with only 30 minutes drive.


Uluwatu Temple is a Hindu temple set on the cliff bank in south part of Bali Peninsula, situated on the coral reef sordid to sea about 80 meters above the sea level. Picturesque, beautiful, and exotic in all the right places, the wonders of Uluwatu Temple can be yours to enjoy with only 1 hour from Serela Hotel Juta by car or taxi.