Carrera Boutique Karaoke & Bar

But even if you do not come out, Carrera Karaoke is truly an example of a great Bandung Hotel entertainment. Our Bandung karaoke facility employs many interesting thematic rooms such as Arabic, Japanese, Africa, Bedroom, Family, and more, making your karaoke moments even more fun to enjoy! Simply put, if you are visiting Bandung and wish to enjoy a Bandung Hotel where you will rarely get bored, then Serela Hotel Riau Bandung is always a fine choice for you to pick anytime!

Opening hours : 03.00 PM – 00.00 AM


Exotic sand, belly-dancing, mysterious scarf-hidden beauties… all the features of the endlessly interesting Arabic world. We may not have sands or belly dancing or mysterious beauties, but we do have a great selection of songs, a great selection of food & drinks, and a cool Arabic-style atmosphere in our Arabic Karaoke Room. All the ingredients for a fun Karaoke night!


Feel the fiery spirit of Nippon channeling inside your voice as you sing and dance! Feel the strength of Mount Fuji as you try your hardest to sing your favorite song in front of your friends! All that, and you do not even need to book a plane ticket to Japan. Just come and enjoy a fun karaoke session in our Japanese Karaoke Room… it’s that easy!


Africa may not be the best place to show your singing talents, especially with the hot weather, dense jungle, and the chance of a wild lion jumping on you midway. But have no fear! Our Africa Karaoke room is not hot (it’s air conditioned), it’s not stuffy (it’s spacious), and we can assure you, there are no wild lions here (only warm waitresses with a warm smile).


What is more fun? Lazing on a comfortable bed or to sing your heart out in a fun karaoke session with friends? Well, why choose when you can do both? Pick up the mic, choose the song, and lay down comfortably on the big, comfy bed we have spread for you in our Bed Karaoke Room! Being lazy has never been this fun!


Party party party party… and party! In a wild party, everyone is entitled to be a (little) crazy, so don’t worry about thinking your voice is better than Frank Sinatra or that your style is groovier than Michael Jackson. Just sing your heart out and don’t worry since you are in a party! And a fun karaoke party is always more fun in our Party Karaoke Room! Party!


Want an idea of a fun family gathering that does not involve playground, zoo, or those other “usual” stuff? Why not try a fun karaoke adventure in our Family Karaoke Room? Let loose with our comprehensive list of songs and you don’t have to imagine ever again what your family members think about your face (for all that songs you sing in the bathroom, remember?)