Relaxing atmosphere and friendly services complement the Bandung restaurant moments offered by Kookaburra Restaurant, perfect for any food lovers wishing to enjoy casual dining pleasantries offered at friendly rates. Of course, the menu selection is crafted by our team of professional chefs to ensure that it is satisfactory for lovers of good Bandung Restaurant experience. For a fun Bandung Dining moments in a great Bandung Hotel, make sure to check out what we have to offer!

OPEN : 06.00 AM until 11.00 PM

Our Chef Recommendation Menu

Indonesian Food


Nasi Timbel Komplit

Rice wrapped in banana leafs and served with gepuk meat, friend chicken,salted fish, and sayur asem.
Nasi dibungkus daun pisang yang disajikan dengan daging gepuk,ayam goreng,ikan asin, dan sayur asem.


Gurame Bakar Bumbu Kecap

Traditional Sundanese fried Gurame with soybean sauce and served with rice.
Ikan gurame khas Sunda yang disajikan dengan bumbu kecap dan nasi putih.

Oriental Cuisine


Udang Goreng Mentega

Tender shrimps cooked Chinese-style and served with butter sauce.
Udang yang dimasak ala Cina dan disajikan dengan saus mentega.

Western Food


Chicken Picata

Pan-fried chicken served with spaghetti and tomato sause.
Ayam goreng panggang yang disajikan dengan spaghetti dan saus tomat.