Enjoy the very best of a great value Bandung spa experience with Marzanie Spa, or enjoy working out a sweat in a quality Bandung fitness with Eagle Fitness, all included within the fun collection of Bandung Wellness facilities inside a great Bandung Hotel, available with Serela Hotel Riau Bandung.

If you would like to enjoy a nice relaxation time, whether alone or with company, in a great value Bandung Spa, than Marzanie Spa is definitely a great choice. Staffed with professionals that understand the meaning of the word pampering, this is a Bandung Spa of a Bandung Hotel that always know what you are after. Moreover, work out a sweat with our Eagle Fitness, a Bandung Hotel’s Bandung Fitness facility that you can always depend on for a great Bandung fitness experience!

Marzanie Spa

  • Type of service
  • 1. Full Body Treatment
  • 2. Refreshing Treatment
  • 3. Body Polish
  • 4. Reflexology
  • 5. Refresher Facial
  • 6. Massage Traditional
  • 7. Acupressure Aroma Therapy
OPEN : Every day ( 08.00 – 23.00)

EAGLE Fitness

Eagle Fitness Room & Sauna is a facility in Serela Riau Hotel that is purely designed toa attached fun and enjoyment to yours efforts of keeping your self healthy and tip-top shape. With alluring price point and attentive staff ready to serve you in any possible way, staying fit has never been this easy.

OPEN : Every day ( 06.00 – 18.00 )

Kids Corner

Located on the lobby level near the Front Desk. A place where children can just be children. Equipped with sliding board, coloring book, toys etc.

Kids Corner is a place where your children can enjoy a good range of fun activities supervised by our higly competent and professional staff. Kids Corner is the excellent solution for you if you want to expose your children to a safe and enjoyable hotel experience. Grand Serela Hotel is a place where fun is for everyone.

OPEN : Every day