Serela Hotel Waringin Bandung is located strategically in one of the most strategic Bandung location, Jalan Waringin Bandung, making Serela Hotel Waringin Bandung an easy Bandung Hotel to access while giving guests an excellent access to a wide array of Bandung attractions throughout the city.

Serela Hotel Waringin Bandung strategic Bandung location in Waringin Bandung is right at the heart of it and located nearby many Bandung attractions, such as Bandung Indah Plaza and various Factory Outlets in Riau Bandung. Serela Hotel Waringin Bandung is also located close with major roads, and thus an excellent Hotel to pick for holiday makers for fun holiday experience. Our Bandung location makes us a great Bandung Hotel to pick to make your Bandung travel even more fun!

Serela Waringin on the Map


Pasar Baru Shopping Center

One of the most well-known garment-focused shopping centers in Bandung, Pasar Baru combines the characteristic of a semi-modern shopping center with the pricing flexibility of traditional market, making it a great choice for shoppers looking for great value purchases.

Jalan Braga

A street with a rich history with traces of European influence that can be seen even today, Jalan Braga nowadays is a location where many people choose to enjoy for a pleasant shopping experience in Bandung.

Bandung’s Train Station

The main train station in Bandung with links to numerous major cities in Java. This station is one of the most prominent entry points for people to enter Bandung.

Paskal Hypersquare Food Court

Combining a very vast selection of food and beverage with the comfort of a modern establishment, this location provides an excellent dining experience to be enjoyed with friends or families.

Santosa International Hospital

This is an international hospital where you can expect to enjoy an international-class facilities, services, and treatments for all of your health needs and requirements.

Husein Sastranegara Int’l Airport

This rapidly developing airport functions as one of the primary gateways for travelers and visitors to enter Bandung. Serving both domestic and international flights, this airport is capable of handling various types of aircrafts, including the larger types such as Airbus A320.