Serela Merdeka Hotel is the perfect Bandung Hotel to stay in if you wish to enjoy Bandung city at its fullest! Whether you want to enjoy the famous Bandung shopping experience, its collection of dining venues full of culinary delights, or simply a place where you can enjoy easy and convenient access to many of Bandung’s most famous or major locations, with our strategic location right at the heart of Bandung you can always find something to do here in the city.



Bandung Indah Plaza, Bandung Electronic Center, Dago Plaza, and Gramedia Book Store are just a short distance away from our Hotel, so you can enjoy quick and easy access for the great Bandung shopping experience that will undoubtedly scratch your shopping itch. These shopping malls are the perfect places to hangout and relax whether alone or with some good company.


The only zoo in Bandung, this is a wholesome tourist attraction perfect for a fun visit with friends and families. See, meet, and interact with a bunch of animals and enjoy a more natural, relaxing way to unwind. And the best part is you can enjoy it with an entry price so friendly you would not even notice it! Do not miss out on this great place to add to your list of Bandung attractions to visit.


Jl. Riau, one of Bandung’s most famous shopping and excursion districts, is also located very closeby to our Hotel, allowing you easy and quick access to some of the best way to unwind in Bandung. Pasundan University and Unisba University are also located very close by, making our Hotel especially ideal for parents, families, or friends of the students of the universities to stay in.