Serela Riau Hotel is situated right at the center and heart of Jalan Riau, one of Bandung’s most prominent areas for dining, shopping and many more. Jalan Riau is interconnected with many of Bandung’s major roads and locations, making a stay in our Bandung Hotel an ideal choice for anyone wishing to enjoy Bandung at its fullest. No matter why you are visiting the city, Serela Riau Hotel is always ready to welcome you with open arms.



Bandung Indah Plaza, Bandung Electronic Center, Dago Plaza, and Gramedia Book Store are in Jalan Merdeka, which is just a short distance away from our Bandung Hotel, allowing you quick and easy access for the great Bandung shopping experience that will undoubtedly scratch your shopping itch, or simply if you want to enjoy a relaxing hang-out moment whether alone or with company.


One of the most famous landmarks in Bandung the name is derived from the shape of its rooftop, which looks like the famous Indonesian food satay. Gedung Sate and the general area in front of it are often used to house shows, gatherings, and holidays they are always packed with people mingling with each other. A good place to experience Bandung atmosphere!


Or Geological Museum, is one of the museum centerpieces of museums not only in Bandung, but also in Indonesia. Enjoy a vast collection of unique geological items and objects and explore the richness of Indonesia’s geology treasures, all within the convenience of this one museum. A great place for educational family/friends fun!


Referred to sometimes by some people as the heart of Bandung, Djuanda is a long stretch of road filled with exciting places to visit around it such as Factory Outlets, restaurants, hang-out places, gift shops, and many more. Classy, atmospheric, and easily accesible from all parts of Bandung, Jalan Djuanda is a fine example of the kind of place everyone visiting Bandung should enjoy.


Bandung’s most famous indoor entertainment park, Trans Studio Bandung is a great choice especially for friends, families, or groups to enjoy the kind of fun experience you just cannot find anywhere else in Bandung. Various rides and venues are available for both adults and children alike, allowing everyone to enjoy fun and exciting times during their visit to the city.